In-House PD Workshops

It’s a great idea to have all staff attend the same training, for team-bonding and to create a fun, supportive ‘culture’ of storytelling with yoga. We have had outstanding feedback every time, not only about the ease of implementation of the content, but also about positive team bonding and a renewed feeling of excitement within centres as a result. For feedback, see here.

Contact Michaela at or on 021 229 0197. 

In-House Auckland region:

‘Story Yoga: The Magical Zoo’ – half day

$850 for up to 24 participants Includes 2 reference manuals; (42p, full colour incl 50+ photos of animal poses) additional manuals available for purchase at $30. 

‘Story Yoga: The Magical Zoo’ is a three-hour intensive and times are reasonably flexible. It can be run on a Monday, Thursday or Friday evening 6.30-9.30pm for example, or 9.30am-12.30pm, or 1-4pm. or weekends, all with some planning. 

Spatial requirements: a large circular/oval space (min 8 x 8m if for 24 staff) to accommodate teachers on a circle of yoga mats plus presenter. 

If you have smaller staff numbers, or specific requests, do get in touch and we can see how best to accommodate your training! 

‘Storybook Yoga’ – full day

‘Storybook Yoga’ is a 7 hour workshop and is usually run on Saturdays from 9.30-4.30pm (flexible). Do feel free to speak with us re other possibilities, such as a Friday, or split over two evenings.  

$1,320 for up to 12 participants  Spatial requirements: a circular/oval space to accommodate teachers plus presenter. Price includes 3 comprehensive manuals; additional manuals available for purchase at $30.

$1,530 for up to 18 participants  Spatial requirements: a circular/oval space to accommodate teachers plus presenter . Price includes 4 comprehensive manuals; additional manuals available for purchase at $30.

$1,850 for up to 24 participants  – Spatial requirements: a circular/oval space (min 8x8m) to accommodate teachers plus 2 presenters  and a second room in which to accommodate 12 mats plus presenter in a circle, for when we split the group. Price includes 6 comprehensive manuals; additional manuals available for purchase at $30. In some cases, manuals may be printed by the centre/school.

New Zealand outside Auckland region

Storybook Yoga – full day training

$1,850 for up to 18 participants 

Note – if you are not too far from Auckland, do get in touch and we can talk about your particular situation.

Spatial requirements: a circular/oval space to accommodate teachers plus a presenter . Price includes 6 comprehensive manuals; additional manuals available for purchase at $30. In some cases, manuals may be printed by the centre/school.

Presenters: Michaela Sangl and/or Clare Etherton or 021 229 0197. 

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing this wonderfully imaginative journey of movement with you!