Craig Smith (Wonky Donkey)

Author & Kid's entertainer


Some people are good at yoga, but not good with kids; some people are good with kids, but not at yoga (like me). Michaela is great at both! Add to this her wonderful voice and creative thinking and you have a yoga class that is fun, highly imaginative and leaves kids in a really positive and relaxed state. Highly recommended! 




Michaela is such a creative and generous yoga teacher. Her classes are fantastic and, as an added bonus, my daughter has been able to get to sleep more quickly at night by using some of the relaxation techniques.

Holly Moss

Holistic Nutritionist "The Food Pharmacy'


Michaela is a very passionate yoga teacher and artist, who inspires children with her energy, enthusiasm and creative ideas. She combines yoga with her knowledge of geography, nature, art, movies and children’s literature in fun-filled classes in which the children get some great exercise, breath awareness and relaxation, whilst learning more about the world. Michaela puts a great deal effort and planning in to each class to ensure that everyone has a fantastic time!


Ponsonby, 7-10yr class


Michaela, I am really impressed with how much energy you put into your classes and how much time you spend preparing!!!  It really is an amazing class.  You are very in tune with each of the children and Penny’s confidence and concentration is improving.  Most importantly, Penny really looks forward to going!


mum of Esme, 4yrs


We love Yogi Kids! Esme is entranced and captivated and it is the highlight of her week. She is becoming greatly aware of her body and repeating the postures all week.

Marcus Rinaldi


My very energetic six year old son loves going to kids yoga with Michaela. Her creative and imaginative techniques as well as her ability to build a bond with every child in the room are what make her stand out.


Devonport, 6-10yrs class


Our girl has learnt to swim, to play netball and tried Kelly Sports, but none of these have given her an inner light like Yogi Kids!   I can see she is so very proud of herself and of what she is achieving in these classes! She will be back next term!


Titirangi, 3-5yrs and caregivers


Michaela has a wonderful way with children and takes them to a fantasy place where they feel like they are playing but most of the movements are yoga moves disguised in play. A great way for your child to stretch and breathe and for parents to get a chance to as well!

Justin Buckingham

Glasshammer, Visual Effects


Bubbly, fun, creative, intelligent, a cornucopia of information; until I Michaela, I thought I was the only person with these qualities. Michaela is a uniquely talented person whose classes I highly recommend to everyone.

Charlotte Penman

Jewellery Designer, Devonport


My 4 year old son and I did a term of pre-school yoga with Michaela and we both absolutely loved the classes. They were fun, engaging and creative and we can’t wait to do more. My son learnt breathing techniques and poses that helped with his focus and confidence and Michaela always prepared really exciting lessons that engaged and inspired the children.