Term 1 – Tues 13th & Wed 14th February – 4th April

NEW – 12-15 yrs YOGA FLOW  – Tuesdays 6.45-8pm! Registrations/trial class: click here.

  • 4-6 yrs | Wed 3.45 – 4.30 pm | Artspace, 16 Kerr St, Mt Victoria | with Michaela |  $115 (8 wks) | 10% sibling discount
  • 7-10yrs | Wed 4.45 – 5.45 pm | Artspace, Kerr St, Mt Victoria | with Michaela |  $135 (8 wks) | 10% sibling discount
  • 10-13yrs – Yoga Flow | Wed 6.15 – 7.30pm | Artspace, 16 Kerr St, Mt Victoria | with Michaela |  $135 (8 wks) | 10% sibling discount
  • 12-15yrs – Yoga Flow | Tues 6.45 – 8pm | Artspace, 16 Kerr St, Mt Victoria | with Michaela |  $135 (8 wks) | 10% sibling discount
To BOOK for TERM 1 or a trial class anytime click hereDescriptions of classes here, or scroll down. 

Location:   Artspace, Kerr St, on Mt Victoria in Devonport. The Artspace is the very first building on your left as you turn into Kerr St, at the foot of Mt Victoria. There is a parking area directly next to the Artspace.

If you have missed the first classes, do feel free to get in touch. If there are spaces still available, we would love you to join us! The term price will be adjusted accordingly. For additional enquiries, contact 

Yogi Kids strip

star orange miniPlease bring a water bottle and wear comfortable clothing that you can stretch in! Bring your own yoga mat if you can (engenders a sense of commitment, and more hygienic too); we will have mats available should you need one.

Parents of children aged 2-6yrs – you may wish to attend one of our popular Storybook Yoga Workshops! Also a 3hr evening option Story Yoga: The Magical Zoo.

Our themed classes for ages 4-10 years explore yoga through fun travel and adventure stories, games, group and partner poses. These imaginative journeys include breath work, mindfulness and creative relaxation. Yoga has SO many benefits for children – click here for more.

Classes for 10-15 years explore Yoga Flow and themes such as gratitude, friendship, trust and the power of positive thought, with a good dose of fun and imagination. Yoga flow refers to a creative exploration of the traditional sun salutation sequence, learning to synchronize movement and breath to allow energy to flow freely in our bodies – amazing for strength, flexibility, focus and calming the mind once you’re in the flow! Loads of additional poses get added in along the way, all set to uplifting music. Classes also include partner and group poses, breathing and relaxation techniques and visualisation of goals (eg. sport, school, or improving relationships with others). 

 Please make sure you have read our Terms and ConditionsHave fun!  |  Michaela  021 229 0197