Yogi Kids Teacher Training

Yogi Kids Teacher Training 2022

Michaela Sangl and Contemporary Yoga

Our Yogi Kids Teacher Training 2021 was an absolutely magical, enriching experience for everyone! This comprehensive 50-hour certification programme will prepare you to teach Children’s Yoga skillfully and creatively, in your own authentic way, whilst having loads of fun! 
We are in the process of sorting dates for our training in Auckland next year.
Meanwhile, let the feedback from our grads of 2021 incite your curiosity!
If you would like more information, please provide your details hereWe will be in touch with dates soon and are very happy to answer questions about the course!

What this course covers

  • How to make Yoga fun, relevant and engaging for all ages!
  • A huge array of poses, creative modifications and benefits
  • Breathing techniques, both to calm and to energize
  • Partner, group and AcroYoga poses
  • Yoga adventure classes with class plan templates provided
  • Class structure and sequencing methods
  • Childhood developmental stages, emotional and physical
  • Strategies for teaching engaging, safe classes to different ages
  • Relaxation techniques and creative visualisation for kids
  • The art of Storybook Yoga
  • Yoga games, songs and transition activities
  • Class facilitation skills
  • Practical tips for getting starting – props, location, business ideas
  • Experience lesson planning and practical teaching with feedback